Sunday, September 13, 2009


An apple: basic, even pedestrian. Yet essential. I love bike riding on the rail trail in the apple orchard, sailing through a curtain of apple scent. What is better than biting into the first apple of the season? Crisp and fresh and juicy, all of the past summer squeezed into one bite.

I know. I sound like Martha Stewart. Unlike Martha, I do not care to pick my own apples or cook them or decorate the house with them. On the other hand, I eagerly and gratefully eat the ones people pick and cook for me.

The peanut farmers want you to believe that peanuts are among the most versatile foods: they go with chicken and chocolate. But apples are even more versatile. They go well with other fruits, vegetables, all meats, alcohol, sugar, butter, flour, eggs, and peanuts.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Door Rust

Doors--they are so standardized today, plucked from a bin at Home Depot. Home Depot could be a synonym for homogeneity. Nowadays, once a door starts to show wear, it gets carted off to the dump and then it's back to Home Depot for a new one. These doors belong to an old barn at Mohonk Mountain, in the Shawangunks. They are working doors, at a working farm there.