Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Clouds I

Alfred Stieglitz, a man who was instrumental in persuading people that a photograph can be a work of art, took a series of cloud pictures at his home in Lake George, NY. Many of Stieglitz's pictures strip their subject down to its essence, and the cloud pictures do just that. But what do I mean by "essence"? Essence suggests minimalism, but it can mean many other things. In the case of this cloud picture, it can mean the particular, present moment I shot these clouds in upstate New York. These clouds also represent all days with beautiful clouds - here is the essence of timelessness. This image of clouds is also freeing, uplifting, and mind-opening.


  1. I preffer gray sky...
    But I liked your text and pic about clouds.

  2. Thanks, Evimarcio Aguiar. Gray sky is beautiful too.
    You can see my picture of a lightning bolt on the water at my Etsy site. It's one of the more dramatic pictures I've ever taken.

  3. Enjoying these photos and your blog!

  4. Thank you, Christie.
    I enjoy your comments and the fact that you're checking in!